Employee Profile Check

Have you ever wondered whether the staff you select or work with are good for your business?

  • What if they have antisocial or psychopathic traits?
  • What if they are not likely to handle stress?
  • What if they are alcoholic or drug abusers?
  • What if they are problem gamblers?
  • What if they sexual predators?
  • What if ..... ?

We can be of help!

Paradigm Assessments Pty Ltd provides a comprehensive psychometric assessment of staff that will answer those questions. This approach incorporates standardized measures to examine the individual's static and dynamic risk factors and their protective strengths.

The assessment comprises an interview and psychometric testing that is confidential and comprehensive.  A full report will detail any concerns and offer solutions before the issues materialize. A standard fee will pay for peace of mind, and potentially save a business thousands, if not millions of dollars.

Would you drive a car without insurance?

Don't risk your business employing people who may not be what they seem.

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