What do we do?

Paradigm Assessments Pty Ltd is focused on providing a quality, evidence-based approach to risk assessment.

In 2000, its founder, Dr Jack White, was involved in providing a keynote address at an International Counter-measures Conference, to outline his views on the best psychometric tools available that could be used  for  recruiting people to work for top level security intelligence organisations, such as the FBI, CIA, ASIO, MI5 and MI6.

The approach he recommended has generally been adopted around the world, and has had multiple applications today in many areas of sensitive employment recruitment and security screening.

The approach has now been adapted to examine the profile of people working in organisations, where their psychological attributes may have a negative impact upon the organisation or where they may potentially be at risk for damaging the organisation.

A further adaption of this approach was used in measuring potential risk factors among elite athletes. This followed a benchmark publication in 2009 (Athletes behaving Badly*) that led to major shift with professional sporting organisations recognising the need for better understanding of an athlete's potential vulnerabilities as the cost of ignorance was extremely significant.


What do you do?

Are you:

  • An employer whose staff require an approved 'Department of Child Protection' child-worker suitability assessment?
  • An employer of workers who require top level government security assessments?
  • An employer of elite sporting athletes?
  • An employer of staff whose vocational attributes may not match their jobs?


* White J, Bond J & Gordon S (2009) "Athletes Behaving Badly" InPsych (April 2009), p28-29

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